BMW backlash

How great would it be for your customers to feel like guests?

This philosophy is achievable and is being exercised by growing companies. The concept of experiential selling of often misunderstood. Too many think this is solely about selling the experience of using your product or service. But, they neglect to focus on the experience of selling to their customers. Besides your differentiators & product innovations, your buyer wants to feel special. Have you studied their business? Do you know what solutions you’ll provide? Basic concepts, but often neglected. Each customer can become your guest if you take care to make his/her buying experience exceptional [aka – exceeding expectations].

This brand says BACKLASH…

Remember BMW pre-social media? Great cars and motorcycles. In fact, they dubbed themselves the ‘Ultimate Driving Machine’ and provided their customers with the goods to hold that title. Now in the days of social scrutiny, BMW is about to face some serious brand backlash.

Quick question, what option can you get on a Chevy Equinox, Hyundai Sonata or Honda Civic that you cannot get on a 2019 BMW 330i sport sedan [MSRP $58,925]? That would be FREE Apple CarPlay. Turns out that BMW is fleecing their well-heeled customer base. They will give you the Apple CarPlay service free for your first year of ownership, then charge you $80 per year in each subsequent year for the service.

The three cars mentioned as comparison offer Apple CarPlay forever at no charge. Turns out that BMW has developed a nice little profit centre as Apple charges nothing for the service. Now in the days of social media, the word is getting out. Surprising that BMW would let something like this tarnish the brand they’ve so carefully crafted. If this issue gains momentum, BMW will be forced to review this customer charge. In short, they need to treat their customers as guests…

What does YOUR brand say?