What does this brand say?

This brand says ‘SHOCKING’ — Lucid CEO and CTO Peter Rawlinson was the chief engineer for Tesla Model S so he knows better than most on how to beat the competition and is now presenting their first legitimate competition.

“Lucid Motors is driven to make the electric car better, and by doing so, help move the entire industry forward towards accelerated adoption of sustainable mobility. The goal of this relentless approach to developing the world’s most advanced electric vehicle is to benefit all people with sustainable, zero-emission transportation, and to also attract new customers to the world of EVs.” – Peter Rawlinson, CEO and CTO, Lucid Motors.

What makes Lucid cars different?

The Lucid Air state-of-the-art luxury EV sedan is the result of a revolutionary approach to automotive packaging called Lucid Space Concept, capitalising upon the reduction in the size of Lucid’s in-house developed EV drivetrain to optimise interior cabin space.

They have a 500+ mile range —  one of EVs biggest challenge has been their range between charges aside from the time it takes to recharge. Extending an EV’s drive range means there is less need for an infrastructure buildout for intensive electric recharging systems across countries. 

Lucid’s performance metrics are all in the supercar territory and due to their brand identity being created with a progressive, post-luxury mindset they are ideally suited to meet the rapidly evolving needs of today and tomorrow’s most progressive buyers. 

“We head into a future where conscious consumers see sustainability, advanced design and technical innovation as equally important to more traditional luxury values of quality and craftsmanship.” – Derek Jenkins is the VP of Design, Lucid Motors

Currently, their EVs go at least 100 miles farther than the best Tesla S model — is this enough to change the landscape of EV leadership? If disruptive innovation is the goal, they have achieved it. Marketing domination remains to be seen but this is the first legitimate challenger to Elon’s fleet.

What does your brand say?