Whenever there is a situation that is uncertain with unknown variables, people crave and will search out information. Many of us are flocking online with queries related to the current lockdown orders, with anything from:

How long will the lockdown last?” to “Is the Indian restaurant nearby still delivering?”

It is imperative your business information on your Google listing, as well as your website, is up-to-date to help make your customer experience as smooth as possible, especially in a time like this. 

Are you changing your hours of location, closing temporarily, or offering any special coronavirus-related services? Make sure to update your Google My Business (GMB) page to let your customers know.

Considerations that may apply at the moment:

  • A temporary closure. Let customers know you will share a date when you can reopen. If aspects of your business have moved online, explain how to take advantage of this option.
  • New protocols. Reassure and explain special protocols you are following to ensure the safety of your customers or any new protocols you will need them to take.
  • Any special information that people need to know. Information that may be relevant such as availability (or lack thereof) of certain products, services and delivery times.

Why update your Google My Business Listing?

  • It is an essential front door to your business. Keeping your location and hours up-to-date is important when people search for businesses nearby.
  • Anchors your entire commercial presence on Google. When you revise your hours or otherwise, the change is reflected everywhere people find your location on Google.
  • Your Google page needs constant care. Try not to set it and forget it if you want to rank well as important updates and information contribute to your prominence.

The new normal is challenging but we can adapt. People need reassurance right now, and digital customer experience is more critical than ever.

By keeping your Google business page and all digital presence frequently updated with timely information will help ease this transition for you businesss and continue a positive knock-on effect for the future.