Digital PR can grow your online presence and bring more visibility — reaching further than printed publication and a more accurate way to measure the impact your hard work has had.

Digital PR, social media and SEO

Social media primarily lets you reach a larger audience with its ability to create a conversation around your work with other readers in comment sections, reviews, and from tweets and posts on your businesses social channels.

When your work is shared in an online publication and then shared on someone’s Facebook page, it is being accessed by an audience that may not have ever read that publication or more likely ever considered paying for it in physical copy — therefore reaching a much wider range of people through little effort of its own. 

For example, you begin to grow credibility for your business as a reliable source by those searching for information on your product or chosen topic — as well as Google will then begin to recognise your business’ website as a trustworthy and relevant source.

Content and strategy

For most, the main strategy generally comes from an idea and concept and then is developed into a campaign for your business or client, building a press release around this campaign and targeting to relevant journalists and publications.

Building your campaign around newsworthy pieces that are engaging and relevant to current affairs in the news or on social media also improve the chances of being picked up by news outlets and shared by more people.

Much time and effort go into the creation of a campaign and if it does not garner the interest you hoped it would, and it becomes relevant once again, digital PR lets easily repurpose and recycle material by reworking it from a new angle and for a new audience.

While traditional PR tactics are still important a digital strategy is most definitely necessary to grow your online presence and to reach a much wider audience especially as the world changes with many remaining in a remote working lifestyle and relying on digital resources more so than ever and into the future.