New Business Resource Hub from Facebook

With more and more regions being impacted by closures, shutdowns and quarantine measures being taken to contain and flatten the outbreak and lower its impacts, and while public health and safety remain the number one concern, the knock-on consequences for businesses could be significant. 

Everyone from large scale corporations to small shops and restaurants are likely to feel the pinch over the next weeks and even months. Global sharemarkets are already reporting some of the worst losses since the Global Financial Crisis of 2008, and in reality, it’s only beginning. In the present-day situation, it is good to be realistic, prepare and compile business resources the best we can for how things may temporarily change.

Given everything, Facebook has recently launched their new Business Resource Hub that aims to provide support for all businesses affected, directly or indirectly, by the coronavirus outbreak, with tips and links to resources to help brands cope and maintain their operations as best they can.

These features are developed to help businesses stay connected with their customers and keep everything on track with actions to consider straight away.

As well, the Hub will have all the latest official information about the outbreak listed to help everyone stay informed with the facts to share and communicate with your communities and organisations.

For now, the resources are fairly basic but Facebook says they will build up over time as the situation develops and we learn what is needed as things develop and change.

The best thing to do now is to learn and build upon your organisation’s resources to have as much information as you need while considering the long-term impacts and how to best manage it all and stay connected.

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