Hej from Sweden!

Recently we visited Karlsborg, Sweden, where our client Brodit is based. It was great to see everyone and discuss exciting projects that are in store for this year.

If you haven’t heard of Brodit, they have a very interesting story of how they came to be.

It began in 1983 when taxi driver Ebbe Johansson bought his first mobile phone — back then they were not as handy as they are now. They were more like suitcases weighing around 20kg (40 pounds) with the receiver as big as a brick, so it was difficult to find a good space to keep it in a car.

After his first day with the new phone, he went home and came up with a solution by bending a piece of plastic and attaching it to the dashboard — and it worked! The very first ProClip was born.

Soon after, Ebbe’s colleagues were also interested and so he was constructing mounting brackets for everyone. Demand grew and he founded Brodit; a company which today, employs over 140 people and exports to 30 countries world-wide. The Brodit ProClip is still the number one product Brodit make today — allowing you to fit and secure it to your vehicle’s dashboard in a Brodit Holder.

Today Brodit designs and manufactures thousands of products for the installation of communication devices in vehicles. A range of either Passive (non-charging) or Active (charging) holders are manufactured for the majority of mobile devices, including the latest Samsung Galaxy, Apple iPhone plus adjustable holders to fit a device with a protective case. They are also available for many workforce handheld terminals like the Zebra, Honeywell, Getac and Panasonic.

As our technology and devices evolve, Brodit has certainly adapted and progressed alongside them. We’re looking forward to supporting them as they continue to grow and expand their impressive in-vehicle solutions.

Please visit their website to learn more — brodit.co.uk