Millions of businesses have now been impacted due to the national and global emergency which have brought economic decline with some industries at a stand-still. But for those that can remain in operation, budgets have needed to be re-evaluated — whether reducing costs or pausing daily spending operations, it’s common that marketing is one of the first budgets to be affected.

With the exception of the businesses physically unable to operate right now – creative digital marketing is one of the key functions still available to stay connected, reach and engage with people. 

As technology continues to profoundly transform the way we work, especially now — how businesses adapt and communicate with clients and customers to deliver products and services efficiently is vital.

A companies’ digital transformation and marketing strategy are no longer on the ‘to do’ list but a necessity to keep running efficiently, especially once things start to pick up again — and pulling back for the short-term could actually hurt some businesses more down the line by diminishing brand presence and leaving less in the pipeline.

Be competitive

Right now is a good opportunity to scale and grow in the market while your competitors might be pulling back short-term. Remember, everyone is going to impacted right now, even the big players within any industry so it might be worth the push if you can.

Be present

People are searching for news updates, engaging on social media and using tools like LinkedIn. If there was ever a time for a strong digital presence, it’s now. Understanding the channels your target audiences engage with by testing and defining an effective strategy is crucial at this time to spend your budget wisely.

Be flexible

Before making tough decisions, try changing your focus. The old marketing strategy may no longer generate the same results so it’s good to be agile and try a new approach. If your first marketing activity doesn’t work, try something different.

Innovate and move with the changes over the next few months – those able to do so will likely gain positive results as well as creating an efficient digital work culture for now and in the future. The challenge presented is huge but this period will not last forever.