Social media has been a natural platform for times of social distancing and many have thrived during this time with creative ideas to keep people active.

Learning how marketing and social media has positively adapted around the world during the COVID-19 pandemic is interesting as there will likely be many changes that will be long-lasting in how people react to brands’ messages in the future.

Reconnection and Authenticity

Finding ways to connect through what is needed in the current climate — once lockdown began, people had to suddenly think and plan their daily lives more carefully as essential items such as food would not be as readily available. In response, many companies, and even celebrities and influencers who specialise in or are interested in the food and lifestyle industry, have connected through social media with their solutions, easy recipes, and step-by-step tips — helping some feel like we’re in this together and finding solutions as we go.

There have also been creative ideas from restaurants that have needed to adapt and stay afloat by switching to a strictly delivery based system — one example is from a much-loved restaurant, Pizza Pilgrims, with their new, ‘Frying Pan Pizza Kit‘.

Instead of delivering a fresh-made pizza ready-to-eat, the kit has all of the ingredients i.e. pizza dough, sauce, cheese and toppings with step-by-step cooking instructions. It has been a huge success with the Pizza Kits and delivery slots selling out and filling up as quickly as they become available. On top of that, customers have also been enjoying creating and sharing on social media their freshly cooked pizzas with Pizza Pilgrims then sharing to their Instagram Stories.

Like many, the company has needed to be adaptive in creating essentially a marketing idea but also something that was suitable, fun and a creative way to get their customers attention, which has paid off greatly. By getting people active, trying something new and helping to make socially distancing from friends and family feel not as lonely, they are connecting people once again with their food.

Simple but effective and will likely leave a long-lasting positive memory which will further reaffirm their customer base going forward — long after once restaurants are back to normal. Let’s hope soon.

What does your brand say?