By now many of us have made the decision to work from home due to self-isolation and social distancing for the COVID-19 epidemic. At this time, it is unknown for how long this will last, so here are some tips to consider when working from home for a longer period than usual.

Basic things you can to do:

  • Ensure you have all your login credentials required to access your account(s).
  • Ensure you have any devices you may need for MFA (Multi-Factor Authentication).
  • Ensure all the files you need to access are saved to your cloud service. N.B. You won’t be able to access files that are only stored on your office machine.
  • Install the app or software for your work desk phone on your home computer – exactly what this depends on your service.
  • Ask your team which apps and methods they prefer to use to keep in touch, eg Slack, Teams, Skype, etc.

Advice from professionals who regularly work from home say it is best to adopt a ‘work-first’ attitude in order to use the hours you are most productive wisely. Also, to take this time as an opportunity to prepare for what happens afterwards — i.e. set up your schedule with follow-up reminders and stay connected and in regular contact with your team and clients, letting them know your plan. 

Being away from the hustle and bustle of the day-to-day also gives you an opportunity to look at your work and company from a new perspective to see any areas of your business you can improve on and strengthen. Take time to learn, plan new strategies, and catch up on tasks you have been putting off in order get on top of things so you are ready for any new developments or changes.

Remember — What’s happening right now is a global issue of great complexity and so others will understand any issues you have as we set-up and adjust to our new (temporary) normal.