Even though it is fairly early in the quarantine process, businesses are adjusting the way they communicate and there are important general guidelines to consider when communicating your business in this unprecedented time.

Adjust Scheduled Content Timelines & Marketing Campaigns

Consider what is currently in the works, including pre-scheduled content:

  • Determine what to pause now
  • Determine what to pivot or prioritise

Pausing some content can be a positive — giving you time to reconsider your message and prepare for the future (i.e. post-quarantine) what you can.

Evaluate the Language and Imagery Being Used

Visual communication is powerful, along with your words, so it is crucial to consider what type of message your brand is conveying.

Some things to consider during this time:

  • Avoid using visuals with large groups or people touching.
  • Reframe language to ensure it is up-to-date with the current situation.
Stay Positive and Engaged

Where fear and worry are on people’s minds, it is important to keep people informed on your business but careful not to add to or create panic.

For example, the new feature on Instagram, aptly named “Stay Home”, helps promotes social distancing and is a great way for businesses to be a part of the collective effort.

By simply adding the “Stay Home” sticker to your Instagram story, you are added to the global shared story and can show how you and your business are adapting to this new normal. 

For professionals, the new feature is an opportunity to show your followers some of the efforts your business is taking and tips on adapting to working from home.

If you are a freelancer and regularly work from home, it is a great opportunity to share what you have learned so others can benefit.

Using simple creative and supportive messaging during this difficult time is a great way to to be purposeful and keep engaged positively with your audience.