British banking firm Barclays released a survey where it revealed that the events of 2020 have accelerated a “technological revolution” in UK retail. One in four industry leaders believes this with the UK retail market being the world’s third-largest for eCommerce.

While Amazon obviously has been a big player in online retail, the company is growing at a much slower pace than the market itself. This could reveal that the UK market is looking for something more sustainable and are open to more wholesome alternatives.

A major player ready to take on this space is the UK startup OnBuy, who is an online marketplace where sellers can showcase their goods to consumers, however, in an ethical way. How OnBuy is choosing to operate is now highlighting the dark side of Amazon – in how the company actually competes against its sellers for market share.

OnBuy set out to provide a fairer, more transparent and ethical marketplace for retailers to do business. Based on the unprecedented growth in online retail sales in 2020, it was the perfect time to start.